oneGee POWDER Grinder - Powder grinding made easy

oneGee is the manufacturer of high-quality Safer Use products for style-conscious people for whom low-risk consumption is important. With our oneGee Grinder we have expanded our product line with a product that is second to none. Made of high-quality materials, this powder grinder convinces with its smart design and appealing aesthetics.

The features of the oneGee POWDER Grinder at a glance

  • Get fine powder in a few seconds!
  • Suitable for all types of powder - whether coarse or fine!
  • Protect your nose from injuries!
  • Compact pocket size and low weight of 150 grams!
  • Grinder and storage box in one!

OneGee POWDER Grinder - Grinding and storing powder

The OneGee Grinder is the product for fast, clean and efficient shredding of powder. It is made of 100% stainless and food safe stainless steel, which was extra polished. It is perfect for the pulverization of finer and coarser Material suitable. After crushing, the container can be easily screwed together and is therefore a practical storage box at the same time for the finished material.


The finer, the better: using POWDER Grinder is safer use

You wonder why you need it? To grind your powder as fine as possible is a good Safer Use Practice. The coarser the powder, the more it damages your nasal mucous membrane.
Usually a card is used to crush the powder. But this is made of plastic, is Constantly touched and used and is therefore not hygienic at all. You also want no bacteria in your food, right?


About oneGee: Safer Use for all

At oneGee, we have a mission: to combine first class with the best materials to create the best and most beautiful Safer Use products worldwide. That's why we bring products to the market for every budget.


We know our customers. Therefore, we write discretion Big.

  • Every single product goes through an extensive quality control
  • The delivery takes place in a neutral packaging