Safer Use (English)

Lower consumption risks: 10 + 1 rules for safer use

Safer Use can greatly reduce risks associated with the consumption of substance. But, more often than not, safer use is just inconvenient. That’s why, we collected the most important rules regarding safer use and explain how it can indeed be convenient.

Information translates to autonomy

If you want to try out a new, unknown substance, you should always inform yourself in advance about its effects, risks, and dosage recommendations. A good place to start is In this way, possible dangers can be better assessed and damage can be avoided. Only then is self-determined consumption even conceivable.


Always grind your powder as carefully as possible

Not every powder is the same. When consumed nasally, there is a risk of injury because the nasal mucosa is very sensitive. If an injury occurs, there is a risk of transmitting viruses such as hepatitis. Some substances consist of sharp-edged crystals that should be crushed as finely as possible before consumption. In this way, the risk of injury can be minimized. Not all powders are the same: The oneGee Grinder helps you to create fine powders wherever you are in a clean and convenient manner.


Do not share your drawing set under any circumstances

For consumption, you should always use your own drawing set with tubes and not share this drawing set with anyone. This may seem a bit stubborn at first, but only then is the transmission of viral diseases largely ruled out for all parties. So your friends also benefit from your "selfishness"! Be sure the check out the oneGee Pipe Set which consists of three snorting pipes for you and your friends.


Clean and safe

You should never consume from dirty surfaces. This includes especially toilets and other public places, but your own table is not a good base for pulling. Ideally, you should use a mirror or pulling utensils with an antibacterial surface, such as the Secure Box. If possible, disinfect the surface before each use.


Banknotes are not a good snorting tool

What applies to the drawing surface applies even more to the drawing tube itself. Many consumers still use banknotes. However, banknotes are massively contaminated with all kinds of bacteria and the risk of a disease infection increases enormously. If you don't use a proper draw tube at home, at least use a straw or a piece of paper - this prevents injuries. The best choice is the oneGee Pipe Set, though. It combines high-quality materials with swiss precision engineering.


Consumption and road traffic are mutually exclusive

This should be self-evident: as soon as you have consumed, the car is taboo for you. You not only endanger yourself but also your fellow human beings. Among some substances, you tend to overestimate yourself. Leave it alone anyway and take a taxi or go for a walk home.


Never consume alone

You party with your friends and not alone. Substances should therefore only be consumed with others, with people you trust and like. Take care of each other and keep the needs of your friends on the screen during consumption. Do not leave anyone alone in case of problems and call the paramedics in case of an emergency.


What's inside, is inside

When consuming, always slowly approach the desired effect. Less is more. With many substances, you are quickly overdosed and do not achieve the desired effects. Under conditions of prohibition, one cannot be 100% sure how pure the substance is. This can also lead to unintentional overdoses. So always start with as small a quantity as possible, especially if you have acquired the substance again (even from the same source!).


Avoid mixed substance use

Substances are in themselves already associated with risks. If different substances are combined, these risks are naturally increased. Also, combinations of substances are usually not as well researched as the substance itself. This is because there is hardly any scientific interest in research. However, if you want to use a combination of substances, always inform yourself about the possible side effects of certain combinations.

Be aware of the legal status

Even if you think that the state should not regulate and illegalize the use of substances, the law enforcement agencies such as the police and the public prosecutor's office do not care. In your actions, always consider the legal status of the substances you use. The argument that alcohol is much worse than other substances will not convince any police officer to refrain from prosecution.


The golden rule: Do not consume at all

This may sound like an inappropriate rule for a safer use guide, but it is true. Every use of a substance is always associated with certain risks.  Therefore, it is always better not to consume at all. We know that this is not realistic for everyone. That is why we also give further advice on how to use substances in a less risky way.