Secure Box Snuff 24C Gold
24C Gold
Safety meets
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Secure Box Snorting Box Anthrazite
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We guarantee that all our products offer secure storage, with each box extensively tested for your reassurance. This means you never have to worry about anything spilling out


Our storage products are highly compact and convenient, measuring as slim as a credit card with a thickness of only 5.4mm


We design and manufacture all of our products to the highest standards at our factory in Switzerland ­– the home of world-renowned quality and precision found in Swiss-made watches


We believe privacy is always the best policy. That’s why our products are highly functional and fit for purpose, with discreet details that avoid drawing unnecessary attention


Covered with an antibacterial coating, all storage box surfaces can be cleaned and maintained with ease – for a sanitary, safe and sophisticated way to store your items


Insight 24C Gold Snuff Box Production

Our 24C Snufboxes are elaborately gold-plated by hand. We use brass as the base material. Gold plating is a very hygienic coating, because it is antibacterial […]

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Game Changer

Banknotes are not a good snorting tool   What applies to the drawing surface applies even more to the drawing tube itself. Many consumers still use banknotes. However, banknotes are massively contaminated with all kinds of bacteria and the risk of a disease infection increases enormously. If you don’t use a proper draw tube at […]

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WTF 🙂 Check out this handling


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