For those who have an eye for excellence

- 24C Gold coating
- total 1.2g capacity
- only 5.4mm thin
- safety slider

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Front Page Jewelry Box Gold
For those who prefer a sleeker look

- total 1.2g capacity
- only 5.4mm thin
- safety slider

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Secure Box Snorting Box Anthracite
For those who crave capacity

- From 1.2g to 2.5g capacity
- bigger straw diameter
- straw stopper safety

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Luxurious accessories for a clean and stylish enjoyment

- in a luxury wooden box
- incl. full set accessories
- handmade work of art

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Front Product Butler Plate
FRAGRANCES - cocaïne eau de parfum
Elevate your energy

- the perfect gift box
- stunning accessories included
- customizable straws

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Fragrance Cocaiine Wild Chérie
Essential companion

- no compromise in quality
- spare parts
- customizable parts

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Straws in carbon, stainless or gold



Our first launch of oud wood fragrance was a great success and many of our customers use the perfume as a memorable gift. We have expanded the fragrance range with more incredible scents. Now we can even ask for custom print the straws […]

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Custom printed straws

Now we can print our carbon straws according to customers’ requirements. Surprise your Community with individuality. Simply contact us by email The minimum order will be 10 pcs. (each straw can have different text) and will come with a mirror card, and stainless cutter, and packaged in a lovely gift box. […]

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Slim Box now available in Rhodium

Rhodium is a very rare, silvery-white, hard, corrosion-resistant transition metal. It is a noble metal and a member of the platinum group. Our latest development is completely handmade by a jeweler in Switzerland The RHODIUM Slim Box is hand-crafted to the highest standards, featuring the finest quality materials […]

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