Looking for Brand Ambassadors all over the world

If you are a person with a large circle of friends and travel to many places that would correspond to our clientele, then we invite you to join our Ambassador Program. oneGee is a premium brand and that is how we want to market it. According to the sense: Discreet, Clean and Elegant.

Slider Finish in Anthracite
Slider Finish in Gold Rose

Receive 2 Premium Box with Standard and Gold Slider for an ambassador special price

You will receive a full package of our premium model with Grinder. It includes one box with a gold rosé slider for attracting your friends and an additional box with the standard anthracite slider for a quick sale


You will get 20 mirror cards for distributing your personal coupon code to your friends. In the application form, you can define your own coupon card code. Write your coupon code on the mirror card and hand it out.


Please fill out our onboarding form and we’ll be happy to welcome you to the oneGee Brand Ambassador Program.