Powder Grinder Stainless Steel

The latest innovation from oneGee to further increase the safety of our consumers. This practical grinder can also be used as a safe and hygienic storage box.  Our grinder is made entirely of polished stainless steel and is perfect for pulverizing coarse soft material. Due to the use of special stainless steel it is food safe. The container can be screwed together with the grinder and is ideal for safer use.

  • Polished stainless steel
  • Length 40.5 mm
  • Diameter 27 mm
  • Content Quantity 3-4g
  • Weight 150 g

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    We guarantee that nothing will spill out. Our product has been intensively tested in all variations


    We believe privacy is always the best policy. That’s why our products are highly functional and fit for purpose, with discreet details that avoid drawing unnecessary attention


    Covered with an antibacterial coating, all storage box surfaces can be cleaned and maintained with ease – for a sanitary, safe and sophisticated way to store your items


    We design and manufacture our products ourselves in Switzerland. No cheap goods but Swiss precision as you know it from the watch world

    Packaging Cardboard Box in Black closed
    What’s in the box?

    • Magic grinder with bin
    • Extra Bin for grinder
    • Spoon black edition
    • Stainless steel cutters with mirror edge
    • 2 Mirror cards
    • 2 carbon straws
    • Carbon Cutter Pad

    Watch our 3D Animation how to use the Powder Grinder
    • Fill the container with the material to maximum ⅔ of the volume
    • Use the mortar to crush the material slowly and carefully with light circular movements. Pull out the mortar slightly and press the material again and again
    • When you take the mortar out, look for material that has stuck and remove it by shaking carefully or tapping lightly
    • The material is now firmly compressed and fine and can be easily scraped out of the container with the enclosed spoon
    • It is best to use a separate container for storing the mortar (in our store as Grinder Storage)
    • Always store the container with the material safely and cool
    Extra Bin for grinder


    The additional bin is the ideal complement to the grinder to store the mortar when the other bin is already filled.

    Carbon Cutter Pad


    The Cutter Pad is crafted with an antibacterial coating and the finest materials to ensure it’s not prone to tarnish or rusting. Measuring the same as your standard credit cards, it’s highly compact and convenient. This high quality, paired with a selection of sleek styles, makes it the perfect addition to your storage box.

    • 85 x 54 mm (3.35 x 2.12 inch)
    • Thickness ~0.8mm (0.03 inch)
    • Full Carbon

    oneGee Carbon Straws Duo Pack


    Each exclusive set comes with 2 Carbon straws. Combining exquisite design and durability with exceptional quality, it’s an investment you won’t regret.

    • 6 mm x 75 mm (0.177 x 2.95)
    • Full Carbon

    Mirror Card and Stainless Steel Cutter


    The set includes 2 plastic mirror cards and 1 stainless steel cutter. Our premium quality cutter is made entirely of polished stainless steel and plastic with a mirror on the backside. Measuring the same as your standard credit cards, it’s compact and easy to bring with you, while its sleek look adds a sense of style to every occasion.