Straw Carbon

A rolled-up banknote is the most commonly used snuffing tool. Most users aren’t aware that each banknote can carry millions of bacteria and other microorganisms, which can easily enter your body through the mucous membrane when it gets damaged during sniffing.

Those conscious of this risk must take action to minimize it—this is the idea behind the finely crafted oneGee Carbon Tubes.

The dimensions of the carbon tubes are 4.5 or (6) mm x 75 mm. They can be used standalone or as accessories in combination with other oneGee products, which are also designed to deliver a high standard of hygiene.

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    We design and manufacture our products ourselves in Switzerland. No cheap goods but Swiss precision as you know it from the watch world


    Covered with an antibacterial coating, all storage box surfaces can be cleaned and maintained with ease – for a sanitary, safe and sophisticated way to store your items

    Light Couvert Packaging White

    Handy Format for Shipping

    The products are packed in a hygienic bag and delivered flat together with lightweight cards to save space for storage and shipping

    Cardboard Giftbox Black

    Cardboard Box

    The products are packed in a stylish gift box. Any order comes with these additional accessories

    • Plastic Mirrord Card
    • Stainless Steel Cutter Card

    Straw comparison between 4.5mm and 6mm size


    The picture shows the two different straws and gives you an idea of the size. Our Grand Box collection uses the larger straw. 6mm in diameter compared to 4.5mm in our Slim Box collection.

    Straw Collection made from carbon, stainless steel, gold and rosé gold


    Bringing an air of luxury. Set your own style – choose from other material or finish and check our other straws from the shop