Straw Set Carbon

As a basic essential we offer in combination our Cutter, Pad, and Straw as a configurable set. Cutter and Pad are credit card sized and you have the choice to choose between the different straws additionally

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    Our premium quality cutter is made entirely of polished stainless steel. Measuring the same as your standard credit cards, it’s compact and easy to bring with you, while its sleek look adds a sense of style to every occasion.

    Straw comparison between 4.5mm and 6mm size

    Pipe Diameter Comparison

    Our straws are made of carbon, are lightweight, and are very durable. The picture shows the two different pipes and gives you an idea about the diameter.
    Cutter Pad Carbon

    Carbon Pad

    A solid and very stylish pad for our cutter and straw. The same size as a credit card and is made of Carbon. The plate is completely smooth and anti-static.

    Hygienic card package

    Handy Format for Shipping

    The products are packed in a hygienic bag and delivered flat together with lightweight cards to save space for storage and shipping