Eau de Parfum cocaïne

Express the strong, authentic side to your personality and make an immediate impact with a contemporary burst of freshness.

Featuring an invigorating, stimulating cocktail of woody aroma and velvety leaves – Momentum boasts excellent staying power, with an intense and daring fragrance experience. Enriched with rich layers to add depth and fullness – you can experience an explosion of elegant aromatic notes.

  • cocaïne 50 ML / 1.7 FL Eau de Parfum for Man
  • incl. oneGee mirrored cutter
  • incl. 2 carbon straws with 4.5 and 6 mm diameter

    Due to high demand expect delay
    Next delivery in July 2022

    CHF 120.00


    Eau du Parfum Persona Born to Dare

    Born to Dare

    With woody notes which have distinctive strength and unique character, it’s a performance enhancing scent that truly elevates your energy. Even the bottle gives the feel of freedom and freshness, with elegant curves and a rounded silhouette.

    Cocaine Leave for Parfum

    The power of coca leaves

    For more than 3,500 years, this miraculous plant has accompanied the lives of the Andean peoples. For the Incas in the Andes, the coca was a sacred plant. All these benefits of coca leaves are now combined in an irresistible fragrance. Totally addictive!