Grand Box Anthracite Slot Edition

The Grand Slot storage box brings beautiful design and modern detail together with additional capacity and usability. Featuring an increased line size, has been designed with usability in mind. Paired with a compact sliding feature to keep contents safe and secure, it’s the perfect performance-enhancer.

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    You have the choice between a cardboard box or a wooden box. The wooden box includes additional accessories which are optional for the cardboard box. The list below gives you an overview of the contents
    Cardboard Box Packaging Dark
    Woodbox - Premium Box Anthracite


    Cardboard Box Wood Box
    Grand Box Anthracite Slot Edition 1 pc included 1 pc included
    Magic grinder Optional 1 pc included
    Extra storage for grinder Optional 1 pc included
    Stainless steel cutter with mirror edge 1 pc Included 2 pcs included
    Mirror Cards 2 pcs included 4 pcs included
    Carbon cutter pad Optional 1 pc included
    Polished or Gold cutter Pad Optional Optional
    Spoon black edition 1 pc included 1 pc included
    Mirror Cards 2 pcs included 4 pcs included
    Straws 2 pcs included 4 pcs included
    Special Add-ons Jeweler gloves & cleaning cloth


    We believe privacy is always the best policy. That’s why our products are highly functional and fit for purpose, with discreet details that avoid drawing unnecessary attention


    Covered with an antibacterial coating, all storage box surfaces can be cleaned and maintained with ease – for a sanitary, safe and sophisticated way to store your items

    Cutter Pad in different variations

    The Cutter Pad is crafted with an antibacterial coating and the finest materials to ensure it’s not prone to tarnish or rusting. Measuring the same as your standard credit cards, it’s highly compact and convenient. This high quality, paired with a selection of sleek styles, makes it the perfect addition to your storage box.

    Different Variation of Straws


    Choose your snorting tool in 3 different finishes: 24 Carat Rose Gold, 24 Carat Gold, and Carbon. Combining exquisite design and durability with exceptional quality, it’s an investment you won’t regret. The dimensions of the tubes are 6 mm x 75 mm.


    And when it comes to quality, there is no compromise. For oneGee, quality is paramount. Just a simple, effective storage solution.

    Grand Box Saftey Straw System

    Secure Straw System

    With highly functional design, each compartment in your storage box is stowed away safely. The straw is secured as soon as you close the box, always staying firmly in its slot. You can rest assured that none of the contents will ever fall out or come loose.

    Grinder Set


    Our grinder is made entirely of polished stainless steel and is perfect for pulverizing coarse soft material. Don’t miss it.

    • 1 pc is included when you select the wood package. Comes with an extra storage container
    • Optional, when you select cardboard package
    Product Option Cutter Mirrored


    Our premium quality cutter is made entirely of polished stainless steel. Measuring the same as your standard credit cards, it’s compact and easy to bring with you, while its sleek look adds a sense of style to every occasion.

    • 2 pcs. included, when you select the wood package
    • 1 pc included when you select cardboard package
    Straw comparison between 4.5mm and 6mm size


    The Grand Box includes the larger straw. 6mm in diameter compared to 4.5mm in our Slim Box. Both tubes are made of carbon, are lightweight, and are very durable. The picture shows the two different tubes and gives you an idea of the size.
    Grand Snuff Box Size


    Featuring an increased capacity gives you a perfect performance-enhancer

    • Aluminum Body with an antibacterial coating
    • 85 x 54 x 9 mm (3.35 x 2.12 x 0.35 inch)
    • Weight Net 93.5g (3.29 ounce)
    • 14 Slots with a total capacity of 1.4 g, 0.05 ounce

    Craftsmanship Swiss Quality

    Exceptional value for money

    All our products are designed and manufactured in our factory in Switzerland and meet Swiss-made standards. To produce one storage box, it’s a complex and time-consuming process – taking years to master. Before the product reaches your door, it goes through rigorous quality control tests.