Butler N°13 Anthracite

The Butler is the perfect addition with integrated straw. Beautiful and modern design made of aluminum with special antibacterial coating. The lid snaps in cleanly and keeps the contents absolutely tight. Unique in quality and workmanship. Discreet, Safe and clean

Snuffbox Butler N°13

  • Aluminum Body with special antibacterial coating developed for oneGee exclusively
  • Size of a credit card, 9 mm thick
    • 85 x 54 x 9 mm (3.35 x 2.12 x 0.35 inch)
    • Weight Net 91.2 g (3.21 ounce)
  • 12 + 1 Slots with  total capacity 2.1 g, 0.075 ounce

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    We guarantee that nothing will spill out. Our product has been intensively tested in all variations


    We design and manufacture our products ourselves in Switzerland. No cheap goods but Swiss precision as you know it from the watch world


    It’s best to keep things private. No one recognizes the purpose not to draw attention to it


    The entire surface has been coated with an antibacterial coating that is easily washable. It not only has a unique look but always remains hygienic

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    What’s in the box?

    We took care of it and brought you everything in one package. A once in a lifetime purchase. It will not break and can safely accompany you for a lifetime

    Each packaging unit is carefully checked for quality and sealed before delivery. oneGee stands for the highest quality at medical level.

    Each delivery takes place in neutral packaging. Your data will never be stored online on our servers. The product is only for customers over 18 years.

    1 pcs. premium snuff box in anthracite color. Each snuff box passes quality gates before shipping. You will be surprised how small and yet so much space is in our snuff box

    Our grinder is made entirely of polished stainless steel and is perfect for pulverizing coarse soft material. The container can be screwed together with the grinder and is ideal for safe use. You can select this option before adding to cart

    Don’t use your own credit cards anymore. It is unhygienic and very aesthetic. Therefore we enclose 2 mirror cards for you

    We include a handy spoon for exact porting and filling of the Secure Box. In addition, the spoon is designed to fit exactly into the grinder. That is more hygienic

    Our pipes are made of carbon. This not only looks really good, but is also hygienic. Clean for you and your environment. The carbon pipe is very easy to wash out. We put 2 pieces in the set

    Nothing will spill out

    When it comes to quality, there is no compromise. Our customers trust our expertise in design, functionality and security, and each product is tested under different circumstances to provide the ultimate peace of mind. This means no leakages. No complications. Just a simple, effective storage solution.

    Watch our 3D Animation how to use the Powder Grinder
    • Fill the container with the material to maximum ⅔ of the volume
    • Use the mortar to crush the material slowly and carefully with light circular movements. Pull out the mortar slightly and press the material again and again
    • When you take the mortar out, look for material that has stuck and remove it by shaking carefully or tapping lightly
    • The material is now firmly compressed and fine and can be easily scraped out of the container with the enclosed spoon
    • It is best to use a separate container for storing the mortar (in our store as Grinder Storage)
    • Always store the container with the material safely and cool