Set Secure Box Slim 24C Gold

Classified by customers as the best Snuff Box with the highest quality standard. Medical standards are targeted with special coatings. oneGee stands for discrete products and services to increase consumer safety. We now offer you the best products in a single set [Secure Box + Powder Grinder + Snorting Accessories]. Discreet, Safe and clean

  • 24k Gold coated brass Body with special antibacterial surface developed for oneGee exclusively
  • Size of a credit card, only 5.4mm thick
    • 85 x 54 x 5.4 mm (3.35 x 2.12 x 0.21 inch)
    • Weight Net 151g (5.32 ounce)
  • 14 Slots with  total capacity 1.2 g, 0.042 ounce

  • FREE Shipping to your Country with DHL Express
  • Life Time Warranty

GBP 850.00

Will be produced after receiving the order. Expect 30 days delivery time



We guarantee that nothing will spill out. Our product has been intensively tested in all variations


Slim credit card format with a thickness of only 5.4mm. That’s a world record. No other product is as compact as our Secure Box


We design and manufacture our products ourselves in Switzerland. No cheap goods but Swiss precision as you know it from the watch world


It’s best to keep things private. No one recognizes the purpose not to draw attention to it


The entire surface has been coated with an antibacterial coating that is easily washable. It not only has a unique look but always remains hygienic

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What’s in the box?

We took care of it and brought you everything in one package. A once in a lifetime purchase. It will not break and can safely accompany you for a lifetime

Each packaging unit is carefully checked for quality and sealed before delivery. oneGee stands for the highest quality at medical level.

Each delivery takes place in neutral packaging. Your data will never be stored online on our servers. The product is only for customers over 18 years.

1 pcs. premium snuff box in anthracite color. Each snuff box passes quality gates before shipping. You will be surprised how small and yet so much space is in our snuff box

Don’t use your own credit cards anymore. It is unhygienic and very aesthetic. Therefore we enclose 2 mirror cards for you

We include a handy spoon for exact porting and filling of the Secure Box. In addition, the spoon is designed to fit exactly into the grinder. That is more hygienic

Our pipes are made of carbon. This not only looks really good, but is also hygienic. Clean for you and your environment. The carbon pipe is very easy to wash out. We put 2 pieces in the set

Enjoy our 3D SecureBox Animation

Convince yourself of the functionalities through our 3D animation. We can assure you that holding the Secure Box in your hand is even more exciting in reality

Nothing will spill out

When it comes to quality then there is no compromise. Our customers trust us and oneGee has developed a snuff box that keeps absolutely tight. Even water does not leak out. We have tested in all possible situations