Safer Use Accessories

oneGee sets the standard for safer use with style with its premium safer use products, the Secure Box and Butler Series. To ensure that Secure Box and Butler Series last a lifetime, we also offer matching spare parts and accessories. These products are also interesting for the small purse.

  • High quality carbon pulling tubes in 3-pack
  • Our antibacterial oneGee mirror cards
  • The oneGee measuring spoon

oneGee accessories: Safer Use with style

The oneGee accessories are the ideal complement to our premium products, but are also the right step towards safer use in their own right. Just like the Secure Box and the Butler Series, draw tubes, mirror cards and dosage spoons captivate with a timeless, clean design.


oneGee Carbon Draw Tubes: Consumption with brains

Bank bill to draw? Film and television show how the protagonists consume various substances with the banknote. Many people, who consume for the first time in the real world, do it the same way as their heroes from the film. But that is not clever! A banknote passes through many thousands of hands until it ends up in your wallet. Do you want to trust in the impeccable hygiene of thousands of people? Studies show that banknotes are real breeding grounds for germs and bacteria of all kinds.


With the oneGee carbon draw tubes you are smarter, more hygienic and at least as cool. They come in a practical 3-pack so that your friends don't have to go empty-handed either. The tubes do not rust and can be easily cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. The corners are also rounded, so there is no risk of injury from sharp edges.


oneGee: Play card to draw

Owners of our Safer Use Sets already know them: the ingenious oneGee mirror card. It consists of high-quality aluminum on one side and a small mirror on the other side. Drawing pad and card for shredding in one! This product also comes in a 3-pack. Together with the drawing tube you can create your own Safer Use Basic Set - for very little money!


oneGee measuring spoon for smart portioning

The oneGee dosing spoon is an important part of the Secure Box. With it, the small hollows in the box can be filled and used at any time, without effort. Once it can no longer be found.


Over oneGee: Safer use for all

At oneGee, we have a mission: to combine first-class with the best materials to create the best and most beautiful Safer Use products worldwide. That's why we bring products to the market for every budget.


We know our customers. Therefore, we write discretion Big.

  • Every single product goes through an extensive quality control.
  • The delivery takes place in a neutral packaging.