We are excited to announce our fine quality Cutter Pads, the latest edition to the oneGee collection. Available in a range of different styles, they are highly durable and tarnish resistant – meaning you won’t have to worry about re-purchasing once you’ve invested.
You can choose from four different finishes: Carbon, 24 Carat Rose Gold, 24 Carat Gold, 24 Carat Gold Mat and Stainless Steel.

The unique design of the Cutter Pad creates a unique aesthetic and luxury feeling in every setting. Wherever the night takes you – whether you’re celebrating as the sun rises or hosting an unforgettable evening, it’s perfect for the moments you never want to forget.

Don’t miss out on this premium addition to the oneGee storage set.

Different Variation of Cutter Pads
Cutter Pad Polished Stainless Steel with Straw
Cutter Pad 24C Gold