The drug cocaine is used more and more all over the world. It is still easy to use utensils such as banknotes and credit cards for ingestion. This is unhygienic and can lead to diseases. Moreover, it is irresponsible because these banknotes and cards can be touched by other people. This responsibility is not taken at all or very badly by Coke users. In Online Shop, one comes to many different utensils around itself and its environment to protect. So there are personal snuff tubes for cocaine or snuff in different materials like carbon or stainless steel. Stainless steel or carbon plates are offered as a clean base, which does not contaminate the cocaine or snuff with the base. Or stainless steel cards which make the credit cards in handling the cocaine chop up finally more hygienic to not ingest more bacteria unintentionally.

We do not support or promote cocaine use in any way. We appeal to the people who snort cocaine to separate themselves and the environment from this drug cleanly.

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Snuff box for cocaine or snuff

Royal Box and Clutch Co Sniff Boxes Comparison for cocaine

Schnupfbox für Kokain oder Schnupftabak

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Royal Box und Clutch Co Schnupfboxen Vergleich

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