Cocaine or snuff is used today in very unsanitary conditions. There are already various utensils on the market. Snuff boxes allow safe and hygienic storage of cocaine or snuff and are out of reach of unwanted persons. Snuff boxes are available in different variations. With integrated draw tubes and in the set with cocaine grinder to finely grind substances. On online store you come to many different utensils to protect yourself and your environment. These boxes are usually called sniffbox or snuffbox. In German snuffboxes. To feel these boxes mostly cocaine grinders are used to finely paint the substance.

There are other manufacturers on the market besides oneGee sniffboxes. We are the only manufacturer who produce the products completely in Switzerland. No China or mass production. Our products are manufactured and coated with the highest precision.

From Slovenia and Australia are also similar products from RoyalBox (or sometimes written Royal Box) and from Clutchco (sometimes called Clutch Co snuff boxes). The functionality is similar however they have striking differences in terms of quality and coating.

We have made a short objective video where you can see well how the straw are integrated and attached. You can also see how the tubes snap into place on our product by oneGee

We do not support or promote cocaine use in any way. However, we appeal to people who snort cocaine to cleanly separate themselves and the environment from this drug.


Snuff box for cocaine or snuff

Royal Box and Clutch Co Sniff Boxes Comparison for cocaine

Schnupfbox für Kokain oder Schnupftabak

Cocaine Accessories

Royal Box und Clutch Co Schnupfboxen Vergleich

Kokain Zubehör